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It's everything you want in a sedan. More and less.


There are seemingly unlimited reasons to consider the new Toyota Mirai. Below are just a few: It operates just like a regular passenger car and has a 3121 mile driving range Comes with up to 3 years’ worth of complimentary fuel2 Takes only 5 minutes to refuel3 Only emission is water = zero emissions Toyota Hawaii Care up to 3 years standard no cost service and roadside assistance4 Comes loaded with all of the latest connectivity, driving assistance, safety and security technology standard.

As a pioneer in sustainable mobility, including the sales-leading Prius hybrid family, Toyota has been working on the development of fuel cell technology for more than 20 years. Now, the new Mirai is ready to do its part in helping meet the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative’s (HCEI) goal of achieving 70 percent clean energy by 2030.

With a target of 40 percent of that clean energy coming from locally generated renewable resources, and 30 percent from efficiency measures, the hydrogen fuel cell Mirai contributes to maintaining Hawaii’s beautiful environment.

Toyota Hawaii is pleased to be doing our part to make clean energy a part of life in our local communities every day.


Our tanks are designed not to leak.

Our multi-patented, carbon-fiber-wrapped, polymer-lined tanks are built in a three-layer structure and absorb five times the crash energy of steel.

In a high-speed collision, sensors stop the flow of hydrogen.

To prevent hydrogen from traveling to potentially damaged systems outside of the tank, the system automatically shuts the tank’s hydrogen output valve.

Any leaked hydrogen is quickly dispersed.

All hydrogen-related parts are located outside the cabin and designed to help ensure leaked hydrogen doesn’t build up.

Hydrogen escapes safely into the atmosphere.

Since the gas is lighter than air, it rapidly disperses, reducing the time window to cause damage in the event of an ignition.


The new Toyota Mirai leaves nothing behind except water – the only byproduct of creating electricity with hydrogen and oxygen.

The Mirai also doesn’t leave anything behind when it comes to advanced safety – both in design safeguards developed over millions of miles of road and test track evaluations, and in its suite of advanced driver assistance and active safety features.

Mirai features a unique frame designed to distribute crash forces efficiently. In the event of a collision, the impact force is distributed around the passenger cabin and the Toyota fuel cell stack and hydrogen tanks, reducing body deformation and helping to reduce the chance of injury. The collapsible steering column also helps protect the driver by absorbing force during impact.
Mirai is equipped with Toyota’s Star Safety System™, which is a suite of safety features for braking, stability and traction control. These include Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (E-VSC),1 Traction Control (TRAC), 4-wheel Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA)2 and Smart Stop Technology® (SST).3
Pre-Collision System (PCS)5 helps keep the road safe with a millimeter-wave radar that detects a vehicle ahead or obstacles, etc. on the same route. It provides an audible warning and a display notification to alert you of a possible collision under certain circumstances. When you depress the brake pedal after an alert, PCS powerfully assists braking power. Even if you don’t react, automatic braking and collision-avoidance support will help prevent a collision. For example, if the vehicle ahead is traveling at 20 mph and Mirai is traveling at 50 mph Mirai will decelerate by up to 30 mph to prevent a collision or reduce collision damage.
Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)4 is the future of cruising. Using forward-sensing radar technology and an intelligent camera, the system can help detect the speed and distance of the vehicle ahead of you and adjust Mirai’s speed accordingly. It works in traffic, as well, helping to maintain a preset following distance, slowing as needed, then accelerating back to your original cruising speed when the road clears.
With Lane Departure Alert (LDA),7 a camera uses visible lane lines to determine if the vehicle veers out of its lane without signaling a turn, and alerts the driver with a buzzer or a display notification.
With available Safety Connect®,41 emergency assistance is within your reach. Via Toyota’s 24/7 6call center, Safety Connect® offers subscribers helpful features such as Emergency Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Locator, Roadside Assistance and Automatic Collision Notification.
The cabin is equipped with a driver and front passenger Advanced Airbag System,8 front seat-mounted side airbags for the driver and front passenger, front and rear side curtain airbags, plus driver knee and front passenger seat-cushion airbags. They’re all part of a system designed to help keep you safe.


From its futuristic, aerodynamic exterior styling to its luxurious, comfortable and quiet interior, every aspect of Mirai is designed to be as innovative as its innovative, efficient and reliable fuel cell technology. We invite you to take a closer look.



Mirai is currently only available on Oahu through the authorized dealer below:
Servco Toyota Honolulu
2850 Pukoloa Street
Honolulu, HI 96819