Discover Toyota’s Electrified Lineup

As our lineup continues to grow, discover an impressive balance of efficiency and power—whichever powertrain you choose.


Get To Know Your Electrified Options


Gas + Electric Power

Runs on both gas and electric power.

Electric power is generated through regenerative braking.

Plug-In Hybrid

Electric Charging + Gas

Runs on electricity and then switches to gas when battery is depleted.

Electric power is generated using a battery pack or through regenerative braking.

Battery Electric

Electric Charging

Runs 100% on electricity.

Electric power is generated using a battery pack to power the vehicle’s electric motor.


Electric power is generated using a fuel cell powered by hydrogen.

  • Water emissions only.
  • Is not dependent on gas as it runs entirely on hydrogen.
  • Comes available with complimentary hydrogen fuel.
  • Vehicle can only be fueled at a Toyota certified hydrogen fueling station.
  • Fuel-Cell Electric vehicles can now travel further than many other electrified vehicles. For instance, the Toyota Mirai has a class-leading EPA-estimated 402-mile driving range{2022Mirai|3}.
  • Toyota's fuel-cell electric vehicles offer a zero-emission journey with the potential to revolutionize the way you drive.
  • The Toyota Mirai offers a premium rear-wheel-drive platform engineered to enhance both cornering and acceleration.


Take advantage of our industry leading warranty and drive with confidence wherever the road takes you.


Hybrid Battery Warranty

10 Years / 150,000 Miles

whichever comes first{2}


EV Drive Components Warranty

8 Years / 100,000 Miles

whichever comes first{3}