Toyota Hawai‘i x Sig Zane Designs

Sig Zane Designs is a brand that embodies the spirit of Hawai‘i as a place and its people. Their approach is always with honor and respect for the generations that came before, and to build a platform for the future. Sig Zane Designs Creative Director and Toyota Hawai‘i Ambassador, Kūha‘o Zane, draws inspiration from his Hawaiian roots, while creating a new path for the brand with a modern vision for the future.

The Toyota Hawai‘i x Sig Zane Designs Capsule Collection is an embodiment of this partnership, and the places we can go, together.

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“Originating from Hilo where the rain is definite and deafening, I’ve always been intrigued by the light and floating rains that seem to defy gravity and flow effortlessly. Lililehua, is one of the rains that embody this movement and flow. Imprinted on products that fit todays mobile lifestyle, we feature this rain print for our collection with Toyota Hawaii. An all-weather cap, quickdry slow tide towel and a t-shirt as you transition to the office in our classic aloha shirt. A capsule that can move with you wherever you go.” -Kūha‘o